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custom heirlooms

Post by Digit on Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:42 am

Hello everyone, i recently found a way to make your own Custom Heirlooms. It is actually quite simple, but i thought i might as well make a guide for it. This guide will be setup into multiple sections for easier following.

Section 1: Getting your Desired Stats

1. Okay, so first you are going to head over here: Heirloom Item List (

2. Then select a weapon or a piece of armor that you would like your Custom Heirloom to reflect the stats. I selected this piece of armor: Mystical Pauldrons of Elements (

3. Then you are going to grab the ID number. (The last set of numbers in the URL box is the item ID)

Section 2: Grabbing the Data Information:

4. Okay, so now that you have your ID Number, you will have to go into your world database, then into item_template. Place your ID number into the filter or search bar to find the item in your database. 

5. Once you have found the Heirloom that you want your Custom Item to reflect the stats, you will need to gather these three things. The "Flags", "ScalingStatDistribution" ,"ScalingStatValue" ,"spellid_1" and "spelltrigger_1".Copy the the numbers in these columns to a notepad, you will need them later!

Section 3: Editing the Custom Item

(This will section will require your desired custom item that you wish to turn into an Heirloom. Make sure this item has no stats on it. Basically you can create an empty item on WoW-V or something)

6. Okay, you will now need to open up another database editing program. (So if you are running Heidi-SQL already, just open up a new Heidi-SQL, or close out of your old one...) Then go into the world database, and then into item_template, and find your Custom Item you made on WoW-V.

7. Once you have found your Custom Item that you have designed, Scroll over and edit your flags to the flags you copied from the other heirloom.

8. Then place in ScalingStatDistribution the information that you got from the copy Heirloom.

9. Then place in ScalingStatValue with the information that you got from the copy Heirloom.

10. Then scroll all the way over to spellid_1 and change that to the spellid_1 that you gathered from the copying Heirloom. 

11. Then place in spell_trigger with the spell_trigger that you got from the copy heirloom.

Section 4: Credits 

- Spasm for the Guide
- AC-Web for allowing me to post here Very Happy

Please do not copy this and claim it as your own without my consent, thanks! Smile

EDIT: Sometimes not all of the Scaling Stats that you copy work... I don't know why, i know it's Trinity core side though. If you want to check, add the copy Heirloom into your bag in-game to see if its own stats work.

This is how i did it, and it worked perfectly. I was able to discover this while trying to build some leveling gear for Cosmic Fusion that wouldn't require level replacements. (Level 1-20 gear and blah blah blah)]


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